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How To Prepare Chimarrão Yerba Mate?

Chimarrao is nothing but Brazil’s yerba mate. Chimarrao is the traditional drink from the calabash gourds. However, the calabash gourds for Chimarrao are entirely different and these gourds are called cuias in Brazil. This short article is primarily written to educate the readers on how to make chimarrao mate by using various methods of preparations. Readers can also read the contents shared on the website www.nutraingredients.com/Article/2017/11/20/Yerba-mate-shows-promise-for-weight-management-and-metabolic-health-Mouse-study where many details about this unique mate are shared.

Chimarrao is a bit different from the properties of similar products like Gaucho Mate. According to the experts, it resembles the famous Matcha green tea from Japan. Chimarraois is considered to be darker with rich flavors, which is mainly due to the making process. Brazilians love this product for various reasons.

The preparation of Chimarrao is known to be a simple process. One can prepare in two ways which are described below:

Process 1: Pour warm water (not too hot) in the container which is filled with culia up to the neck. Take the boomba, the spoon and push the culis to one side and the process has to be done till you get the water. Add the gourd after seeing the water. By closing the opening end of the straw, place it into cuia till it reaches the bottom. This is done for a better filtration so that there will not be any block in the straw. This procedure seems to be the quickest and easiest. Hence it is adopted by many people across Brazil. Also, this method of preparation seems to be the most effective way to prepare Chimarrao Yerba Mate.

Process 2: It is almost the same as the one mentioned above. Here you need to cover the opening of the cuia . Shake the container so that the larger stems of the mate get to the bottom. This will help the filtration in a better way than in the previous method. Also, a slope is built for natural filtration.

According to the experts, besides offering energy, the Chimarrao yerba mate has many medicinal benefits as well. More importantly, this unique yerba mate does not cause any side effect. Some findings have proved that consuming this yerba mate tea makes the immune system better especially in fighting the growth of bacteria. This drink is also used to treat some digestive disorders. With the development of technology, modern methods can be used by used coffee-maker type gadgets which are found to be effective and make the preparation process simple. Of course, the quality of the product while preparing for this modern process is same as the manual approach.

Now you know how to make Chimarrao yerba mate. With this skill, you can be able to impress your loved ones as well as your friends and guests. All it needs is a perfect practice, and once you gain experience in the preparation, you don’t need to worry about clogging or drinking a bunch of dust. If you have enjoyed this write up you might also enjoy drinking this fantastic chimarrao yerba mate with your family members.